Are you seeking a dynamic speaker for your group? Then Lance Abrims is an outstanding choice. For decades, Lance has been speaking to groups from 10 to 500 about self-empowerment, motivation, leadership, overcoming life challenges, academic success and more.

Lance’s Speaking Topics

  • Living by Design, Not by Default: Taking an Active Role in Personal and Professional Success
  • Quantum Management: Leveraging the Power of Internal Motivation Dynamics
  • Saints in the Wilderness: Nurturing the Heroes and Starving the Bullies
  • Harnessing Your Quantum Personality and Making it Work for You
  • The Secret to Living A Transformational Life, One Decision at a Time
  • Tapping Into Your Personal Empowerment
  • Quantum Marriage: The Power of Small Choices
  • The Physics of College Success

Lance’s Speaking Style

Lance’s speaking style is conversational and personal. No matter the size of the audience, whether a keynote presenting to 3,000 or a breakout facilitator working with 20 participants, he ensures that attendees feel as though they are having a one-on-one conversation.

As a motivational and personal empowerment speaker, Lance has made a career of exercising his ability to connect with those whom he serves. Lance’s commitment to assisting those he meets in achieving their goals and dreams, while acknowledging our individual limitations, has earned him the respect of all he speaks with.

His flexibility and quick-on-his-feet whit and strong speaking skills give you the comfort to know that no matter what happens on the ground during the presentation, Lance has a proven ability to maintain the forward movement of the event while your team manages in audience interruption.

Working with Our Team

  • You get a promise to get it right the first time. We know your time is valuable and there are never enough moments in a day to get the required done. So we will honor that by doing all we can to make the booking and engagement seamless.
  • Our team of communications professionals at Sahl Communications will work with you to customize the presentation and preparatory materials in a way that eases your burden. Once we know what your resources are, we will integrate with you painlessly.
  • Lance’s presentation will amp-up your audience. Whether the talk is an early morning keynote or an early evening closing presentation, I’ll ensure that there are little to no sleepy-eyed clock watchers, but instead leaves them asking for more!

Connecting with Lance Abrims’ Team

To discuss having Lance come to your conference, campus, or other speaking engagement, contact Kim Plyler or Fred Koons at Sahl Communications (484) 353.9859