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How to Better Understand PTSD and Save a Life

How Telling Our Stories Saves Lives
The “Faces of PTSD” Movie Series

Lance Abrims | Speaker, Producer, Author

About Lance

Lance has been on the leading edge of the battle against depression and suicide for more than 40 years. His personal traumas and tragedies, both as a teen civilian and as U.S. military member, provide Lance with the experience, insight, recovery, and megaphone to tell his story in a way that is saving lives. Over the last two decades as a veteran services counselor, he has discovered how both he, our military heroes, and everyone else can rise out of the depths of sadness and suicide risk when they share their personal story.

Lance is a U.S. Navy military veteran and holds a Master’s Degree in Education (Student Services emphasis) from Old Dominion University. For 20 years, Lance has served as the Director of Veteran Today, a military veterans’ service organization, and counseled scores of men and women struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other service-related issues. He is a Certified Peer Support Counselor and Conflict Mediation Specialist. He is also the author of four books including “Creating the Life You Want.”

An accomplished speaker, Lance has made over 1,000 public presentations since 2005. His deeply personal experience with his topics maintains authenticity in delivery that is deeply felt by the audience. 

Speaking Topic

Thriving on campus is the hope and wish of every student, parent, and staff member. A whole new world of experiences opens when a student walks on campus. Those new opportunities to learn and grow, academically and socially, also must be matched with an awareness of what individual actions can lead to and a pathway to recovery when the unexpected takes place. When the potential for substance abuse, including alcohol, is a part of the student environment, the unintended consequences can be traumatic. Lance tells his own experience of when alcohol resulted in trauma and the lifetime of difficulties that can and often do follow.

Lance describes his battle against depression and suicide as a result of alcohol-related traumas. Along with those accounts, Lance shares his emergence out of the pain and offers insight into his recovery and current success as a screenwriter and film producer. Lance’s “Faces of PTSD” short film series, based in part on his true story, is a tool to lead others to wholeness. What Lance brings to the audience is the knowledge and challenge to not only tell their own story but to be brave in reaching out to hear the story of others who may be in mental health danger. Lance shows us all how telling our stories is the gateway to healing and a fuller, more joyful life.

The dangers of alcohol use and abuse are a sub context in the speech.

Lance Abrims
Lance Abrims
Lance Abrims

FACES OF PTSD: How Storytelling Saves Lives

Learning Outcomes


Personal healing and the support of others challenged with post traumatic fear and depression begins with knowing what the face of PTSD looks like. Lance’s presentation creates a window into that reality and a doorway out.


Becoming open to assisting those who we feel need support during a difficult time can be intimidating. But Lance’s presentation helps the audience discover a higher level of confidence to ask, “Tell me your story.”


No matter the age, no matter the trauma, no matter how deep the pain, restoration through storytelling is available to all. Lance inspires hope that each of us can be a part of the solution of reducing the pain so many live with.

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Lance Abrims: Speaker

What Clients Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say:

Lance has a natural ability to share his personal story of trauma and PTSD recovery while inviting and educating the rest of us on how we can become major players in the solution for others.


Author & Senatorial Speech Writer

Few people have the ability to talk about the sensitive issues Lance brings to the table. His measured self-disclosure allows us to hear and feel his pain and recovery. Definitely something many of our military veterans need to hear. Timely, important and powerful.

james anderson

Director of Education, Troops to Truckers Program

Can’t wait to hear more from Lance in the future. Each book, film, speech and project shows me how talented he is at using his words to inspire us to get in touch with our better angels and serve our community.  

Kim I Plyler

President & CEO, Sahl Communications, Inc.

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