About Lance Abrims

Brief: Lance Abrims, a United States naval veteran, experienced a multi-theological and spirit-filled life that culminated in becoming an author, teacher, coach, and public speaker of groundbreaking thought. His untraditional history as a high school dropout turned doctoral candidate, protestant and Catholic clergy turned quantum physics-based reality author makes Lance a dynamic achievement and change speaker. His audience connecting approach to life transformation and personal empowerment 

Lance Abrims was born into a family of eight children in Pennsylvania during a socially transformational time in the US, the early 1960’s. By the end of the decade, the hippie revolution of spiritual thought had given rise to the many changes within a traditional religious practice. Lance’s family was riding that wave and on any given Sunday morning, he was sitting in a church service that included expressed spirituality including spontaneous speaking in other languages, prophecies, and spiritual physical healings. All of this exposure formed a foundation for thinking and believing “outside the box” and would greatly influence the next forty years of his life.

By 1980, Lance was serving in the United States Navy and being exposed often to other cultures, various beliefs, and challenges that would shape how he viewed the world, his fellow man, and himself. He discovered that the larger your world becomes, the more millions of people one is exposed to, the inevitable result is a mind and thought that can no longer be squeezed into the now seemingly conservative, narrow experience of his past. And by the time he began college in the mid 1980s, he was on a meta-physical, multi-theoretical, and plural theological journey.

For Lance, the 1990’and into the 2000’s served as a time of service and introspection. During that period he served first in the Protestant Christian Church in several positions, then later was ordained as a Christian non-Latin Catholic Priest. But after nearly two decades in those positions, Lance’s philosophical view of the universe and reality itself just could not be contained in one religious dogmatic line of thinking and teaching. He was not rejecting his past theology but was expanding it to include a larger view of the “God” he had come to see as the power of the universe and reality.

By the time the new century was rung in January 2000, his study of theology, ethics, science, social policy, education, and psychology formed a framework on which to hang the teachings of historic theologians and philosophers as well their contemporary thinkers and writers of the 20th and 21st Century. The coming-to-age of the thought and practice of Law of Attraction and deliberate manifestation through movies such as “The Secret” were accompanied by Lance’s own emerging theory and thought based on quantum physics and other sciences. This lead to his eventual publishing of this book and companion diagrams, videos, and audios.

Lance’s publishing of “Harness Your Quantum Spirituality and Make it Work for You,” a groundbreaking applied How-to manifest guide, changed the course of his life, teachings, coaching, and public speaking. He now had an applied, practical teaching for helping all people, no matter their religion or social culturization, that can bring transformation to their lives. Lance has been speaking to tens of thousands of people for decades and his message now is one of inspiration, hope, accomplishment, overcoming, and achieving. His past has made him uniquely qualified to teach these principles as ones to be added to one’s beliefs and not replacing. This makes Lance a speaker for nearly all people who seek to be inspired.

Living on the beautiful beaches of Ormond Beach, Florida, and operating out of the greater Orlando, Florida metro area, Lance travels internationally and technologically to speak with groups of individuals to provide inspiration, teaching, coaching, readings, and authorship assistance. He still provides marriage officiating services to couples in the region, as he has done for 26 years, and remains active with service to military veterans.