About Lance Abrims

Lance is an author, coach, teacher, public speaker and entertainer. For more than four decades, Lance has been out in front of the people in one way or the other and in doing so he has developed an amazing rapport with those he leads, serves, and teaches.

Lance’s first run at entertainment was in the United States Navy where he sat in the co-anchor chair of the nightly ship-wide news cast. From world-news to weather, sports to entertainment, Lance gave his audience the same authentic enthusiasm as he does decades later.

Following military service and while attending graduate school, Lance played a key role in hiring and managing talent for the regional university’s entertainment roster. He further developed is approach at working with hearliner talent such as George Carlin, Black Eyed Peas, and others.

In the years following, Lance took to managing emerging music talent. As a band manager and booking agent, he worked with inde groups as they found their voice and made it into the professional studios for recording. Lance had a reputation for booking talent into venues that had never before seen themselves as entertainment venues.

Who would have imagined that after working in the rough and tough of night life talent management Lance would have taken time off to become a priest. During those 15 years as a priest, he took wedding officiating to a professional level and quickly became the go-to officiant for weddings on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and the greater metropolitan area. In combination with his Winchester Wedding Chapel, Lance has performed more than 2,000 weddings in his career of all types, even taking the screen as the priest in an episode of “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” for TLC.

Over the years Lance has made an interesting shift from performer to author with now more than 16 books and 10 audio productions under several pen names. One text took the Amazon’s #1 position in its category for nearly a year and continues to enjoy robust sales. His writings on Quantum Spirituality have been accompanied by live and Zoom presentations, teachings, and coaching. 

Lance takes pride in his writing that provide the nuts and bolts understanding of how, from a quantum physics point of view, the concepts of the popular movie “The Secret” actually work. His work prepares Law of Attraction followers to align their souls and desires in a way that the quantum world can minifest.

These days Lance can be found shopping around for opportunities for MC, commercial acting, voice over, and other performance art gigs. His range of capabilities, experience, ease on camera and in front of the 1,000 room crowd makes Lance a talent to explore.

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