Reframing the God Perspective

Lance teaches that to empower your use of the Universal forces of creation, you begin by reframing your ideas about how creation and reality works. That Universe is a force waiting on you, not you waiting on it. Begin learning hot to use that force to actively manifest the life you desire.

Clarity of Feelings, Not Wants

Lance coaches you to understand that the Universal force of creation responds to feelings, not wants. Clarify and projecting how you would feel if you had what you want results in God response and manifestation. Lance can coach you in this direction.

Live by Design, Not Default

Lance speaks on how you can make moment by moment changes (quantum shifts)  to live with intention and design, instead of just settling for what random creation brings. Begin your journey today to attain the skills and intention to design your destiny towards your own making.

The secret of success

The Law of Attraction responds to your ability to transfer the vibrations of your feelings to the Universal control of manifestation. It is a Quantum activity. Lance teaches you how to isolate the feelings and transfer that information to the quantum mechanism . These are learned skills and Lance is the Coach to take your there.

Private Coaching with Lance Abrims

For many, one-on-one coaching is the most effective way to learn and integrate the techniques of life transformation.

Lance Abrims utilizes his proven One Degree program in guiding you from where you are now to where you want to be, from lower life productivity and progress towards achieving your life goals. This isn’t a religious program, its a it’s a deep dive into your spiritual power to make radical change.

His personal coaching style is comfortable yet powerful. He will challenge you to release your long-held stagnant view of the universe and attain an unlimited, unbounded belief and knowledge that will transform your life.

Areas of change include:

   * Restoring failing marriages and relationships
   Losing weight quickly and consistently without diets, pills, exercise, etc.
   Growing personal finances and advancing professionally
   Recovering from loss of a relationship, family member, job, etc.   
Restoration of self-esteemed, confidence, and self love.

There has never been a better time to begin working on your life than now. And using the resources and power you have within you is the best, longest lasting way to get the job done. Speak to Lance today about how personal coaching can transform your life.

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Note: ALL information you provide is kept strictly confidential and only used for the purposes of connecting for a coaching call. Lance will NEVER call you on your phone unless you have made an appointment. Most all coaching will happen via a ZOOM video conference unless you request a voice call. And this information will never be used for marketing.

Client testimonials

When you work under a coach, the world opens in a way you might not have expected.

Lance, Thank you so much for your coaching over the last year. My husband and I are talking nicely again, even the kids are easier to manage.  Even though you are moving South, I hope we can continue by phone.

Coaching Client

I wasn’t sure what mentoring really was until we began working together. I don’t always take your advice but when I do, it makes a big change for me. Both of us being veterans helps too! Here’s to more years working together.

Mentoring Client