How to Live the Life You Want, The Science Behind the Law of Attraction and The Secret
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About the Book

The author Lance Abrims uses his Time Wave of Experience theory of quantum science to take your through the steps to manifesting a new moment, designed to your specifications.

This short read is a powerful tool that will take you from 0-60 MPH when it comes to using the Law of Attraction. When we learn and teach the Law of Attraction, it is easy to get caught up in the wants without paying sufficient attention to the “hows” that makes the LOA work.

As each of us gets our minds around the physics of what makes a moment in time actually form, the better prepared we are to take action steps towards improving our next moment. Using Time Waves to attain the life we want, we are living by Lance’s motto, “Living by Design, Not By Default” which is how the vast majority of the world lives their lives. But we can do it differently.

We can be more exact. We can be more deliberate in how we form each moment to achieve: Love Money Success Joy Satisfaction Better Jobs Peace and more!

This book is finding you at the right time and place

This is no mistake that you are discovering this book right now. You create your reality, you create this discovery. And where there is a teacher, there is a student and right now is your opportunity to be that student. Lance Abrims is the author of many books on the LOA.

As a former Priest, Lance is deeply embedded in the thought of the Universe. His transformative view of reality based on quantum physics elevated him out of the dogma of religion and into the quantum wonders of the Universe and the power we have to move and shake our reality.

Take this journey with Lance and allow him to teach you how to understand and use the elements of the  Time Wave of Experience to create the life and reality you want today.

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About the Author Lance Abrims

Lance was raised in a highly spiritual traditional American religious family, became a protestant minister, then a priest. What followed his Christian experience was an awakening to the greater power of the Universe, in an unbiased, un-favoring way to creation. This brought him to the natural path to becoming a Law of Attraction devotee and coach.

Lance has always been amazed at the spiritual healing and other spiritual miracles that he witnessed in church, personally and in others. These miracles were and are the classic example of the Law of Attraction in action. This began a journey to understand “how” these instant healings happened, knowing that it gives insight into how the Law of Attraction manifests. That brought him to quantum physics and a marriage between spirituality and quantum physics.