How to Harness Your Quantum Spirituality and Make it Work for You by Lance Abrims
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About the Book

Learn the Power and Secrets Behind the Law of Attraction

This book is an amazing under-the-hood, nuts and bolts exploration of the nature of reality as it is manifested moment by moment, followed by explicit instructions on how to control the outcome of the next moments by managing the quantum spirituality that each human has, but does not know how to harness.

This book is for Spiritual Seekers like you who know there is more to our spiritual nature than is expressed in ancient dogmas. It is for the person who is aware that there is more to our lives and living essence than appears in the mirror. If you are seeking to better understand the nature of life and seeks to play a more active role in creating their lives outcome, this book breaks open new thought and strategies for engaging in the human experience.

An Amazing Journey

You will go on a journey of exploration and discovery that will ring true with and combine with their own thoughts of the nature of reality. The author invites readers not to be compelled to believe any particular phrase or paragraph, but rather to select those expressions which answer long-standing questions and wonderments.

This book challenges the dogmatic approach to a jurist-style power of the universe that makes random decisions on who is blessed and who is not, and replaces that notion with a omnipotent power that is always willing to deliver to the spiritual seeker that which you desire, as long as you actually know what you desire.

The last half of the book explores to hot utilize the new knowledge in many aspects of life. In this way, the author is not just providing technical information on the true nature of reality and spirituality, but engages the reader in pragmatic solutions possible through the application of the new understanding.Using the information in this book, You can: Have more loving relationships and marriages, Achieve more in you career, Increase your prosperity, Engage in self-healing, Enhance you athletic performance, Manifest the hidden desires of you heart, Influence the behavior of your children, Resolve or repair a failing relationship and much more.

About the Author Lance Abrims

Lance was raised in a highly spiritual traditional American religious family, became a protestant minister, then a priest. What followed his Christian experience was an awakening to the greater power of the Universe, in an unbiased, un-favoring way to creation. This brought him to the natural path to becoming a Law of Attraction devotee and coach.

Lance has always been amazed at the spiritual healing and other spiritual miracles that he witnessed in church, personally and in others. These miracles were and are the classic example of the Law of Attraction in action. This began a journey to understand “how” these instant healings happened, knowing that it gives insight into how the Law of Attraction manifests. That brought him to quantum physics and a marriage between spirituality and quantum physics.