Spiritual Realignment System
Personal Investment Plan

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Five Point Approach to Bringing You Into the Spiritual Realignment System

  1. Understanding and using Quantum Spirituality to design your life outcomes.
  2. Dissolving your negative spiritual energy and barriers to implementing the spiritual realignment system.
  3. Establishing a solid starting system starting point and goals for development.
  4. Develop with you a spiritual fitness plan that exercises and grows your capacity to live out a Quantum Spiritual life and manifest your desires.
  5. Teach you how to interpret the minor and major events in your life to support spiritual navigation.

Targeted Outcomes as a Result of Engaging with the System

  1. You will better understand the nuts & bolts of how the universe is glues reality and human experiences together.
  2. You will learn what energy, thought, belief barriers block progress to spiritual realignment and direction.
  3. You will display a significant change in your belief and ability to change your life into what you want vs. what you’ve got.
  4. You will master the daily spiritual habits of the successful Quantum Spiritualist and those habits that manifest deliberately.
  5. You will become highly intuitive and interpretive of the happenings in your life and understand how to use every moment as a growth opportunity.
  6. You will radically improve the manner in which you interact with the people in your life – relationships will deepen and be made more joyful.
  7. You will live with more joy, a greater sense of control, and satisfaction with everyday life.
Plan  90 Day Spirit
Jump Start
6 Month
Spirit Master
Program Personal Investment (Single Payment, renewable) $99500 $4,49500
(Monthly Payments, renewable) $35000 x 3 $75000 x 6
Paid-in-Full No Cost Program Extension 1 Month 2 Months


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Participation Details

Session Length

Client sessions start at the time you have booked and will run for 50 minutes. If we start late because you have arrived late the session will still end within 50 minutes of the start time. If our start time is delayed due to me, then we will complete the full 50 minutes, or make it up during a future session.

Time and Commitment

I request that you commit to a minimum 3-month time period when we begin. Realigning the spiritual thought system takes times and I encourage all my clients to see our work together as a process that does take time, patience and commitment. Please know, that I do not have signed contracts binding you to this time period. I request open communication around the work we do so I can best support your spiritual growth and life improvement as a result. If we do choose to put our work on hold, I request that we discuss this decision prior to taking a break and/or discontinuing our work.

My Responsibility

It is my responsibility to coach, guide and support your spiritual development process. I do not see myself as a “healer” or “fixer”, but as a powerful catalyst for helping you make change at your deep spiritual and habit level. If at any time I sense we might need to bring in guidance from my spiritual peers and mentors, or from other colleagues who have skill sets that compliment my work, then I will ask for your permission to consult, and/or suggest adding in help from another source.

Your Responsibility

As I mentioned above, deep change takes time, patience and commitment. When we set out to shift deeply entrenched spiritual patterns, a pure resistance to the change process inevitably surfaces. THIS IS NORMAL! I ask that my clients understand that such resistance may arise and that we have open communication around this so we can best tailor our work to ensure spiritual progress continues. Sometimes this might mean going slower and/or taking a pause in an area we have been working on so we can work on simply stabilizing the body and soul.

The Importance of Your Pre-Session Check-In

Each week that we have our one-on-one session, you are asked to send me a pre-session check-in so I know what is up with your life – any good success, any failures, as well as how things have been since our previous session. The purpose is not to write out a long essay with every single detail about your life, thoughts and feelings, but rather to give me bullet points of where you are at that time. This helps to save time so we can dive right into our work together.

The Importance of Your Post-Session Reflection

The session doesn’t end after we hang up. Without integration and practice, nothing sticks. After our session, I’ll ask you to send me a post-session reflection with the ONE BIG THING you learned and how you plan to bring this thing, no matter how tiny it is, into your life. The key to really shifting and changing is to keep at the practice, day by day by day.

Daily Journaling

The purpose of this journaling during the week is to help with the continuity of your practice. My review of your journal, if it is a part of the package you chose, will be a time for me to suggest any new homework or help with any questions you may have about your practice.

My Meeting Cancellation Policy

I require 2 FULL business days for cancellations and rescheduling. If you do not cancel and reschedule your booked time within 48 hours of our scheduled time (2 full business days), your session will be forfeited. I will do my best to accommodate life’s emergencies that are simply out of your control by finding another time for us to meet. Sometimes this might mean we have two sessions closer together than usual.

Exceptions and Emergencies

If extenuating circumstances arise such as illness or emergencies and you are unable to give me 48 hours’ notice (2 full business days) I will make exception.

What If I (Lance) can’t attend?

Yes, even I have down days and succumb to a cold virus from time to time. I’m human just like you! Luckily, I bounce back from them very quickly (a perk of the work I do). If we miss a session as a result of me not being able to make it, we will reschedule the time immediately.