Lance was raised in a family of entrepreneurs. By the time he was 15, he was operating his own aeronautical and marine supply business, doing business with and around the U.S. military in Norfolk, Virginia. By 18, he was one of five other brothers who were running their own successful businesses.

In the early 1980’s near the end of the Cold War, Lance served in the United States Navy and served in five of the seven seas and more than 20 countries. He was a member of the onboard ship-wide communications team presenting the evening news and sports. Lance also served alongside the Public Affairs Officer both domestically and abroad.

After serving honorably in the U.S. military, he began his college career in 1984 and attended full-time until 1997. During that period of education, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business, a Master’s of Science in Education, and became a doctoral candidate in Education Leadership and Services.

Also through those 13 years of higher education, Lance took advantage of every opportunity to enhance the leadership skills acquired in the military. He served as a Maine Trip Guide in 1985, tasked with taking teams of teens on hiking expeditions in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. What makes this significant is that nearly all of the privileged youth had never been hiking nor camping, much less on a week-long challenging true mountain excursion.

As a fraternal leader on and off campus, Lance assumed leadership and management roles within his college fraternity. He never missed an opportunity to serve in officer positions, to accept the lead for a fundraising or community service task. He also represented his fraternal order at their semi-annual leadership conferences.

Upon transferring to a different college in this Junior year, Lance founded the first social fraternity in the 130-year history of his college. When while in graduate school, he began his University’s Graduate Student Association and served as a member of the Student Ambassadors at the request of the University President.

One of Lance’s proudest accomplishments was during this period when he was asked to take the helm of a senior learning program at the university called Elderhostel. The program was operating at a limited level and was hemorrhaging cash. Within 30 days, under Lance’s leadership, the program was reformulated and grown from two (2) two-week sessions per year at a loss of $1,000 per session to 85 sessions over the next year that ended up netting the organization more than $500 per week. He accomplished this by encouraging a dozen internal and external resource leaders  to make concessions and contributions far beyond what had been done before.

On campus as a graduate student, Lance served leadership positions within the University administration. He coordinated the annual university leadership conference, served as a leadership and fundraising adviser to the hundreds of campus organizations, and was on the development committee for organizations seeking to establish a foothold on campus.

For all of his leadership and motivation activities over those years, he was extended membership into several leadership honor societies including Omicron Delta Kappa and Order of Omega. He was presented with an honor of appreciation as the founding member at his fraternal chartering celebration and a Letter of Appreciation by the President of his University.

From the late 1990’s until this day, Lance has made a career of working with individuals and organizations to achieve what might otherwise have seemed beyond reach. Applying his quantum self-management philosophy of “Know Thy Self” to individuals, groups, and organization, Lance has been instrumental in advancing success in meeting goals of all types. Whether membership, financial, organizations, or programming, Lance’s ability to lead others towards a new vision of who they are, what they can achieve, and how to transfer that to the team, has been one success after another.

Lance has been a public speaker since 1995 and serves as the Executive Director of a national veterans’ services group. He is a lifetime member of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. His passion remains with growing leaders and assisting every leader and group member in discovering the very best they have to give and drawing those qualities to the forefront of their lives.