Law of Attraction Handbook by Lance Abrims
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About the Book

The Law of Attraction is a power force to be used for good, but rarely do folks know what the working parts are. Watching social media, you would thing that the Law of Attraction is only about making positive statement about getting right and *bang* that is all you need to do.

But the truth is that…

manifesting wealth, joy, happiness, a mate, a great job, fantastic car, or even a child, begins with understand what makes it happen, what our role in the Law of Attraction, what blocks it, what our expectations should be, how to refine our vision casting and more.

This handbook is the secret to the secret.

This handbook is the nuts and bolts  instruction on how to start the engine of the Law of Attraction, run it down the track, and get to the finish life full of gratitude. This guide will show you that following the Law of Attraction is a way of life, not just a casual manifestation drive-thru. The author is a guy with a lifetime of experience in the realm of spirituality. As a retired Priest, Lance has gone full circle from Charismatic Christian to Methodist to Catholic Priest to his current Quantum Universe relationship with the great power. Lance is rooted in his quantum physics experience and has found that the Law of Attraction is fully supported by science.

Lance promotes the understanding that we live in a powerful Universe that will conspire for our joy and success if we will only feed the universe our desires in the proper way.  This handbook is the third in a series on the Law of Attraction. For the reader who wants a very different approach to LOA,  Law of Attraction: 70 Daily Lessons to Manifest Love, Success & Joy is a unique look into the power of what makes the attraction takes place.Y ou will find information here that they will find no where else. This set off lessons is powerful yet easy to consume. In all of the discussion and teaching of the Law of Attraction, what may be missing is a deeper look into the behaviors and mechanics of how manifesting actually takes place.

When you know more about how manifesting works, how things are attracted to us, then you are better able to apply the concepts and weave them into our daily routine of life. It is not enough to just say mantras and hope for the best. Manifesting is a result of an active partnership between us and the Universe. And knowing how and why the Universe responds to us creates a power position for the reader who wants to manifest joy, love, financial freedom, and success.

Lance’s daily lessons provides the framework, the tools in the toolbox, for how to move into that space of manifesting reliably. Less guessing at what is the right thing to do and more lessons on what the right thing is to do.

About the Author Lance Abrims

Lance was raised in a highly spiritual traditional American religious family, became a protestant minister, then a priest. What followed his Christian experience was an awakening to the greater power of the Universe, in an unbiased, un-favoring way to creation. This brought him to the natural path to becoming a Law of Attraction devotee and coach.

Lance has always been amazed at the spiritual healing and other spiritual miracles that he witnessed in church, personally and in others. These miracles were and are the classic example of the Law of Attraction in action. This began a journey to understand “how” these instant healings happened, knowing that it gives insight into how the Law of Attraction manifests. That brought him to quantum physics and a marriage between spirituality and quantum physics.